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Hi there! I'm Michelle and I wish I had a more unique name. Food is glorious. I have no idea what my blood-type is. ◕‿◕

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16/5/2014 • 1 note
tags: #music

tags: #music


Iggy Azalea - Don’t Need Ya’ll
One of the most honest tracks from Iggy I’ve heard.

artist: Iggy Azalea
song: Don't Need Y'all
album: The New Classic (Deluxe Version)

tags: #music #YESSSSS


Every night when I close my eyes I can see you, my perfect type
And I never really thought my dreams would come true
Until I laid eyes on you cause you know you are
Boyfriend material

artist: Ariana Grande
song: Boyfriend Material



Disney String Medley | performed by Music Inc.

"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" - The Lion King
"Beauty and the Beast" - Beauty and the Beast
"A Whole New World" - Aladdin
"I See the Light" - Tangled
"When You Wish Upon a Star" - Pinocchio
"Kiss the Girl" - The Little Mermaid
"Some Day My Prince Will Come" - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
"A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes" - Cinderella

Perfect love medley for a wedding (:

This should most def be played at my wedding pLEASE

artist: Music Inc.
song: Disney String Medley


FMLYBND - Electricity


FMLYBND - Electricity

tags: #music
artist: Hoodie Allen
song: Two Lips (Acoustic)
album: Americoustic

8/5/2014 • 124 notes
tags: #music #ILOVETHEM


One Day They’ll Know (ODESZA Remix) - Pretty Lights

artist: Pretty Lights
song: One Day They'll Know (ODESZA Remix)
album: A Color Map of the Sun Remixes

tags: #music #ily
artist: Max Schneider
song: Streets of Gold

tags: #music


Everybody’s Watching Me (Uh Oh) The Neighbourhood

artist: The Neighbourhood
song: Everybody's Watching Me (Uh Oh)
album: I Love You


Off, off with your head
Dance, dance ‘til you’re dead

artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
song: Heads Will Roll
album: It's Blitz!

5/5/2014 • 21,242 notes
sympathease © mrcheyl
tags: #music


 Ayo, fuck this. Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something? In between that?

I wish we never fucked, and I mean that

artist: Childish Gambino
song: Heartbeat
album: Camp

tags: #music
artist: Childish Gambino
song: Unnecessary (feat. ScHoolboy Q & Ab-Soul)
album: R O Y A L T Y

tags: #music


The Neighbourhood - Lurk

artist: The Neighbourhood
song: Lurk
album: #000000 & #FFFFFF

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verdajio © 131-di
tags: #music





the contrabass saxophone is such an absurd instrument


talk dirty to me

Have ya’ll seen the double contrabass flute before???

reblogging my own post because what in the fuck

tags: #music


robbers || the 1975

well, now that you’ve got your gun
it’s much harder now the police have come
now I’ll shoot him if it’s what you ask
but if you just take off your mask…

artist: The 1975
song: Robbers
album: The 1975